Drain Cleaning and Drain Maintenance Services

Our expert drain cleaning and drain maintenance services include:

-Electric Sewer & Drain Cleaning
-High Pressure Sewer Jet Cleaning
-Recordable Color Camera Inspection
-Septic Tank Locating
-Locating lines that are broken or need maintenance
-Electric Drain Cleaning
– Root Removal
– Main Line Cleanout
– Clogged Toilets
– Lavatories/Sinks
– Tub & Shower Drains
– Laundry Drains
– Sewer Main Lines
– Sewer Laterals
– Downspouts
– 1 1/4-10″ Drains

Electric drain cleaning uses a steel cable with various attachments fastened to the end. The cable is fed into a cleanout or access point in a drainage system, and spins at high RPMs to cut or break up any blockage in the sewer or drain line.

High Pressure Sewer Jet Cleaning
– Grease line drains
– Car wash drains
– Downspouts
– Soft blockages in lateral lines
– Sewer blockages
– Storm drains
– Footer drains
– Field tile
– Frozen drain and sewer lines
– Leech line flushing
– Manure lagoon lines
– Agricultural drains
– Restaurant drain clearing
-1 1/4-12″ Drain Lines

Whenever possible, jetting is our prefered method of drain cleaning. With multiple jet nozzles, we can clean the entire drainage pipe. Soft blockages, grit, grease, and calcium deposits are no match for jetting. Our jetter puts out a high gallon-per-minute flow at high pressure to make short work of all blockages.

This is a great way to break up and dislodge grease, sludge, and other soft blockages.
Recordable Video Inspection/ Pipe Location

– Full Color Camera
– 200 Feet of push rod
– Fully Recordable with voice over and type written display
-Septic Tank Locating
-Broken Line Locating
-Capable of inspecting 3-10″ lines

Sometimes, it’s difficult to know what is in a drain. That is where a quality camera is at its best.

Our camera also doubles as a locating device. If we find a problem in the line that requires digging or repair, we can locate it from above ground and help fix the problem. We can do the same with locating and uncovering septic tanks as well.

If you are having an issue with your drain backing up from the septic tank, give us a call. Often, we can diagnose the problem over the phone. If not, it is most beneficial have the tank pumped before we diagnose the problem.

For that, we recommend Miller Septic Cleaning.
It happens! Sewer lines clog!

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