Anatomy of a drain clog

No one likes dealing with a clogged drain. A slowly draining sink or bathtub might be the first indication that you have a drain clog. It’s tempting to want to send a bottle of liquid drain opener down the pipe and hope that it goes away. But it doesn’t. The caustic chemicals that sit in […]

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It’s time for summer drain cleaning

Winter and spring can be hard on the drains around your property – especially culverts. Winter freezing and thawing can create a lot of organic debris, which collects in your culverts. Blocked culverts can cause significant drainage problems in and around your property. They can also cause problems on the adjacent public roads during the […]

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Culvert maintenance is important!

Many rural properties have culverts. A culvert is a ditch that runs beside (or under) a road or driveway. Culverts give excess water a place to collect and drain into a larger drain system or into the ground. Culvert maintenance is important because an unmaintained culvert can cause drainage problems, and can damage roads and […]

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Avoid Thanksgiving Drain Disasters!

Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is the number 1 holiday for drain disasters. It’s true. Thanksgiving seems to bring out the worst in drains, so exercising a little caution can make a big difference in your holiday. How to avoid drain problems on Thanksgiving What makes Thanksgiving so drain-unfriendly? The holiday is a perfect storm […]

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